Suddenly Working Remotely?

For many people around the world, working from home, or on distributed teams, is a new reality. Join Steelcase 360 as we share ideas, hear from experienced remote workers and explore how to create the best conditions for workers and teams.

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Remote Work

Suddenly Working From Home?

Four ways to stay productive – and sane.

Remote Work

How Propinquity Can Save Your Team Culture

Three rules can help foster a more resilient culture.

Remote Work

Managing a Team Across Time Zones

Some helpful practices to aid teams working remotely manage their new reality.

Remote Work

Work From Home Boundaries You Need to Adopt

How to avoid distractions by managing digital, physical and work-life boundaries.

Remote Work

Breaking Down the Distance Barrier

How to do teamwork when you can’t be with your team.

Remote Work

Learning How to Learn and Teach Online

Unusual situations can be springboards for creativity and innovation.

Remote Work

Working From Home: Real Life Lessons

There are ways to stay focused, collaborate and be well.

Remote Work

Why Working On Distributed Teams Is So Hard

Our podcast shares discoveries about how to boost communication.

Remote Work

Making Distance Disappear

Organizations can’t allow distance to be a barrier to effective teams.

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Solutions for Distributed Teams

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Stool Height media:scape Kiosk

Connect one-on-one with distributed team members without disturbing others nearby in an Orangebox pod with mediascape kiosk. Monitor allows eye-to-eye communication and standing-height stool encourages movement.

Remote Work: Breaking down the distance barrier Open image tooltip

Active Collaboration

Remote teams can co-create content using the mobile Microsoft Surface Hub 2S on the Roam cart, which can be moved in or out of this Orangebox pod designed for ideation. Standing posture encourages people to move and interact.

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Lounge Collaboration

The monitor height and camera placement make it possible for everyone in this casual setting to be seen and allow eye-to-eye contact. The upholstered Orangebox walls and rug ?provide additional acoustic absorption.

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Private Office Wormhole

Work in pairs or easily transition from focused work to collaborative work with remote team members. The space can also be used as a wormhole where remote teams? can virtually sit together and work side-by side.

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Stool Height Conference

Reserve this team space for intensive project sprints. Remote teams can use?analog and digital tools for generative. ?Whiteboards placed behind users allow them to share analog content over high definition video conferencing. ?

conference room application Open image tooltip

Traditional Large Conference

All team members can contribute equally around the D-shaped table, which allows everyone in the room to see and be seen by remote team members. Two monitors provide a surface for content sharing and video simultaneously.

benching application in an office Open image tooltip

TeamStudio Wormhole

TeamStudio provides users with several analog and digital surfaces for sharing content, brainstorming and ideation. Remote team members can work side-by side with the team using the mobile Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and Roam cart. ?

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